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Choosing a Specialist Bed

From birth, one third of the average person’s lifetime is spent asleep. Sleep is a vital function, allowing the body time for muscle and tissue repair, growth, memory consolidation and hormone regulation. When we are well rested, our bodies and minds feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the challenges of the day. For those with disabilities and additional needs, the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overestimated – sadly, these people are more likely to suffer with a sleep disorder.

A Safe and Sound Night’s Sleep

Kinderkey Healthcare Ltd specialises in solutions that help to overcome the bed time challenges of the elderly and those with disabilities – problems falling or staying asleep, sleep apnea, anxiety and limb movement disorders are just some of the many difficulties that may be encountered each night, which is why choosing a specialist bed is so very important. Supplying nursing care and specialist beds to healthcare professionals and carers – that will satisfy the individual requirements of patients or loved ones – our aim is to promote a safe and sound night’s sleep for each and every one of our clients.

Safety is our Number One Concern

Anyone caring for an adult or child with physical or cognitive disabilities will understand the crucial importance of safety when it comes to choosing the right bed. Falls, bumps and bruises (due to excessive movement during sleep) or becoming trapped are real risks for this group, which is why all our beds are designed and made with specific safety features, including:

  • Kinderkey Safe Surround
    Designed especially with special needs patients in mind, this unique feature will help to minimise the risk of suffocation or becoming trapped. The soft sides can be made up to 60cm high and can come with or without windows, while the surround can be manufactured to fit most bed sizes. Carers and nursing staff can easily access the patient by releasing the Velcro flaps. The waterproof, easy care fabric is anti-microbial.
  • Wrap Around Bumpers
    Tasked with reducing the risks associated with an adult or child that has additional needs from moving or kicking out in their sleep, these soft bumpers can be attached to metal or wooden bed sides.
  • Stabilo
    For patients suffering from a progressive disorder, such as Huntingdon’s Disease or Motor Neurone Disease, involuntary movements and jerks are common during the REM sleep phases. The Stabilo Grande Sleep System is a great solution for those broken nights and uncomfortable mattresses. This vacuum posture cushion allows the patient to be placed where they feel most comfortable, as the mattress then moulds to the shape of the body. This provides a great deal more support than a traditional bed, allowing a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Bearhugzzz Bed
    Designed with vulnerable adults and children in mind, the enclosed sides and cocoon-like design make this bed particularly appropriate for those with sensory sensitivities and conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Dyspraxia. In its soft fabric and gentle colours, a sensitive adult or child can drift off to sleep feeling safe and snug.

Experienced Product Specialists

Our wonderful team of product specialists has years of experience in selecting the most appropriate beds for those with a wide range of physical and cognitive needs; we can help you to customise the most appropriate model for your patient or loved one. For you as a parent or carer, your peace of mind is also important to us and with this in mind, we offer different adjustable mattress platform heights that allow a smoother transition in and out of bed.

Safe Beds that do the Job and Look Great!

Although our beds are fantastically functional and safe, we do not compromise on visual appeal! We stock a wide range of fabrics, designs and materials and our cots are handcrafted from exquisite beech and ash.

For the love and support they need, choose Kinderkey Healthcare Ltd – for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

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