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How Specialist Beds can Help Carers

The ways in which someone with special needs might “act” during the night – whether it’s climbing out of bed and exploring, jerking uncontrollably or slumping into a position that could potentially cause them injury – as a Carer, this can affect you in many ways; from how you help them get back into bed, to how well you yourself sleep during the night. Many people assume these situations are unavoidable, yet in many cases they could be better controlled or even overcome with our safe sleeping solutions.

Stabilo Grande Sleep System

Similar in form to a mattress – although it retains its position when set and only changes when required – the Stabilo Grande is invaluable to anyone who needs extra support to maintain their posture at night.

Without this clever mattress, as a Carer you will likely be disturbed throughout the night to realign the sufferer after they have slipped out of position. As their full time support, this not only takes its toll from a physical perspective, it is a commitment that can also seriously disturb your sleeping pattern, making it harder for you to get enough sleep each night; which in turn can damage your health.

BearHugzzz SpaceSaver Bed

Prolonged periods of stress and worry can lead to headaches and other debilitating health concerns, including a diminished immune system that can leave us weak and vulnerable; and more susceptible to germs and infection.

Built with strong, sturdy foam walls with steel inserts, the BearHugzz SpaceSaver Bed is designed for children who may otherwise get up and wander into the night – it is charged with promoting a safe sleeping environment… so you can rest assured they are safely tucked up in bed.

Dali Extra Low Version Electric Nursing Bed

The Dali Extra Low Version Electric Nursing Bed is particularly handy for people with physical disabilities that make moving, climbing and lifting actions difficult to perform.

With an adjustable height feature, this offers some much needed relief – with little or no need to lift the patient in or out of bed.

Not only saving the Carer energy; this also reduces back, shoulder, neck, arm, wrist and hand related injuries. Given that fractured vertebrae, torn muscles and slipped disks can take months to recover, this can have a big impact on the working life.

The role of a Carer is a full time responsibility that takes a good deal of dedication, determination, commitment and understanding. With more than its fair share of mental challenges, the position can also take its toll in a physical capacity. The demands are high and the hours are long, so if there is anything at all that can make the life of a Carer any easier; that must be worth its weight in gold.

Specialising in beds and accessories to help those with sleeping disorders or other disabilities, our products are also designed with the Carer in mind – they are user-friendly and reliable aids.

If you think we can make your life a little easier, please do not hesitate to contact Kinderkey; our sleep solutions could just provide the respite YOU deserve!

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