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Who Needs a Specialist Bed and Why?

So much of our life is spent sleeping; comfortable and safe sleeping arrangements are vital to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many people with disabilities struggle to sleep soundly at night on beds that aren’t designed to cope with their particular needs and circumstances. Those that struggle to sleep might suffer with sleep apnea, anxiety, limb movement disorders or the general inability to drop off. Many also face the possibility of falling out of bed or bruising themselves during the night.

With that in mind, Kinderkey provides expertly crafted, bespoke furniture and accessories to help the vulnerable to better settle into a safe and comfortable slumber. With attention to detail and a sensitive understanding of the many challenges that these people face, here are some of the disabilities that our products support and comfort:


Children who have Dyspraxia or who are on the Autism Spectrum are very prone to suffering with sleep disorders. The most common problem is falling asleep, followed by frequent awakening during sleep time, then early morning awakening. This means they are more likely to leave their room and harm themselves walking around the house in the dark.

Visual or olfactory stimuli can be distracting. That said, our Bearhugzzz bed is designed to encompass strong, durable walls that are highly recommended to ensure the child stays in one place at night. Lined with foam and soft fabric covers, this can further reduce the risk of injuries – giving parents a greater confidence that their children are safely tucked up in bed. These structures can be built to individual specifications.

Motor Neurone Disease

As well as Motor Neurone Disease, other progressive disorders such as Huntingdon’s Disease can lead people to experience jerking and other involuntary spasms during rapid eye movement sleep phases; leading to generally uncomfortable nights.

The Stabilo Grande is a vacuum posture mattress that moulds around the shape of the body and adjusts itself according to posture. This support ensures that legs are kept in a suitable position, regardless of how the body reacts during the night – the mattress allows the patient to be positioned so that the hip joints are secured and it provides the correct support for the patient’s head and back.

Pressure Sores

People who are confined to their beds over long periods may be at risk of developing pressure sores. Pressure sores can be quite tricky and time consuming to treat so prevention is most definitely better than cure. Alternating air mattresses are made of air cells that inflate and deflate sequentially or alternately, ensuring that the pressure on any specific point of the patient’s body is always changing – this reduces the risk of ulcers or other conditions caused by prolonged bed rest. Galaxy 2000 can be inclined to 60 degrees with minimal or no cell compression. It has a unique hinging mechanism and circular cells that cannot topple and that work together to prevent air cells from falling like dominoes and squashing when the mattress is profiled beyond 40 degrees – stopping someone from sliding down the bed during the night (this can lead to compression of the diaphragm and increased strain on the lower half of the back).

Some of us take it for granted, while others struggle with the entire concept. With tried and tested sleeping solutions that can be tailored to suit unique requirements, at Kinderkey we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep!

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