Decorating for Dementia

Living with someone who has dementia can be challenging at times. In the early stages, many people continue to enjoy life in much the same way as before their condition was diagnosed. However, they... more

Parkinson’s: Where does it Begin?

New research suggests that the neurological disorder Parkinson's disease may begin in the gut. Scientists believe proteins that play a key role in the condition can spread to the brain from the... more

Introducing Boris Johnson’s Mum

As the mother of Britain's new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Charlotte Johnson Wahl has been described as the "creative genius" of the family. A leading British artist, she has also become a... more

Meet Princess Diana’s Goddaughter

The late Princess Diana was always known as the "People's Princess", with her kind and caring personality and the ability to chat to people from all walks of life making her one of the most popular... more

Can Gut Bacteria Help Autism?

New research suggests that successfully treating the bacteria that inhabit the gut may help to ease the symptoms of autism. A study carried out by researchers at Arizona State University's Biodesign... more

Meet Zhou Zhou

The famous conductor, Zhou Zhou, has been hailed a genius - after teaching himself to conduct an orchestra, despite not being able to read music. The 41-year-old, born with Down Syndrome, surprised... more

Bob Hoskins: Parkinson’s

British actor Bob Hoskins spent more than four decades in the entertainment industry, starting out on the stage and moving on to films and television. During his long and fruitful career, he won many... more

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