Autism: Have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a busy and exciting time for everyone and it’s important that all members of the family can enjoy the special day, but when you have a family member who's affected by autism, the Christmas period can be challenging.There's lots of change, more social interaction and greater expectations in terms of meeting and communicating with a wider circle of friends and family. This can make it a stressful time for many autistic people and it's important to plan carefully to make... more

Supporting Someone with Dementia this Christmas

Christmas is typically a time for family, friends, good food and festivities, but for people who are affected by dementia, it can be a challenging time of year. Family members and carers who are supporting someone with dementia may find there are many more things to consider, on top of their already hectic Christmas preparations.The importance of enjoying a relaxing Christmas with loved ones can't be over-emphasised, since we all need a holiday to recharge our batteries. Charities who... more

Anne Hegerty: Living with Asperger’s

Star of television quiz show, The Chase, Anne Hegerty has been widely praised for opening up and discussing her Asperger’s. Currently appearing on ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, the 60-year-old has spoken frankly about her life with Asperger's - inspiring other people and leading to the subject trending on social media.Asperger's is a condition on the autism spectrum disorder and can affect a person's communication, social interaction, interests and behaviour. It was formally... more

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson was an American war hero who became one of Hollywood's top actors for five decades. Famous for his "tough guy" image, he often played a gunfighter or vigilante in film franchises such as the Death Wish series, in which he played a revenge-seeking ex-architect.In later life, his family revealed the star had Alzheimer's. In the UK, the condition affects around 850,000 people and has become the most common type of dementia. The neurological disease impacts on brain functions,... more

Stephen Wiltshire: The Sky’s the Limit

British artist, Stephen Wiltshire, has an incredible talent and is renowned for his remarkable skill of being able to draw a landscape from memory, after seeing it only once.His exceptional ability for completing detailed drawings has received worldwide attention and at the age of just eight, he was commissioned by the former Prime Minster, Edward Heath, to create a drawing of Salisbury Cathedral. Today, Wiltshire is a revered artist, famous for drawing and painting detailed... more

Perry Como: For the Good Times

The famous American crooner, Perry Como, was known for his mellow and smooth vocals and his natural manner, which immediately put guests at ease. It was said that he had the same laid-back demeanour when shopping at the supermarket, or playing a game of bowls, as he did when performing on-screen.He was always completely natural and was known as one of the nicest guys in show business, never displaying any false airs and graces, despite selling more than 100 million records and hosting one... more

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