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Beds for Muscular Dystrophy

People with muscular dystrophy may experience various sleep and respiratory disorders, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness. Poor night-time sleep can be caused by obstructive sleep apnoea, limb movements during sleep, respiratory problems or narcolepsy, which causes a feeling of paralysis while falling asleep or waking up.

Weakened muscles may cause difficulties moving in bed or turning over, so the person may need assistance to sleep comfortably. Certain beds or mattresses can improve comfort and reduce the need for assistance at night.

Our Stellan Complex Care bed has many benefits for people with muscular dystrophy, such as profiling the head section to aid respiration. A knee-brake can help to enhance comfort by preventing them from sliding down the bed and the electric height adjustment promotes safety when getting in and out of bed. The bed system is compatible with dynamic air mattresses, foam mattresses and the Stabilo positioning sleep system for comfort.

Our Dali electric nursing bed has a choice of pressure-relieving mattresses for a more comfortable night’s sleep, while the four-part profiling mattress base enables the user to comfortably move into different sleeping positions. The bed’s four locking castors prevent it from sliding across the floor. The height, back and upper leg rest are all electrically adjustable and extra-high side rails prevent the user from falling out of bed.

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