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Beds for Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy can have difficulties in falling asleep and staying asleep due to seizures, pain and respiratory problems. Sleep can bring about changes in the child’s respiratory pattern due to brain function known as central sleep apnoea or an obstruction of the airway called sleep obstructive apnoea.

We have a number of options for beds that can help improve the quality of life for people with cerebral palsy. Our junior care bed is suitable for children aged three to 12 years. It has many features for safety and comfort such as an electrically operated leg section with knee-break; ultra-light and strong barriers; and electric variable height.

Our Bearsnoozzze sleeping solution has high, soft sides for safety; a four-part profiling mattress frame with adjustable inclination; foam mattress with waterproof cover; and windows in the sides, ensuring safety without feeling enclosed.

The CosySafe cot is a safe, comfortable, electronically operated nursing cot bed that is suitable for adults and children. Manufactured with safe sides up to 1,000mm high, the CosySafe Plus option can provide higher sides of up to 1,500mm. Optional padding is also available.

For a better night’s sleep, the Bearhugzzz SpaceSaver bed is suitable for vulnerable adults and children. A bespoke bed which can be manufactured to fit any space, it can be fixed on two sides to the walls to give extra stability. The wooden base provides access for a mobile hoist.

With a height of up to 700mm high to reduce the risk of falls, the Stellan complex care bed has strong, padded sides to absorb the force of involuntary movements. The long sides have optional half drop down splits so the user can be aided without falling out of bed.

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