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Beds for Huntington’s Disease

Sleeping disturbances are common among people who have Huntington’s Disease – a progressive brain disorder that causes a loss of cognition, uncontrolled movements and emotional problems.

Sleep disorders can include difficulty in falling and staying asleep and remaining awake for long periods during the night. The reasons for this include painful muscle cramps in the legs and arms, repeated jerking or twitching movements during sleep and fidgeting a lot, which can lead to injuries. People who have Huntingdon’s also become mentally agitated at night.

The Stellan Complex Care bed can improve the sleep quality of people with Huntington’s, as it is purpose designed to enhance their comfort and safety. The risk of injuries or falls caused by involuntary movements can be reduced by the bed’s strong padded sides, which can be up to 700mm high from the top of the mattress.

The bed is available with half drop down splits in the sides – the sleeping person is protected from falling, while the carer is still able to assist during the night when necessary.

To combat the risk of the sleeping person sliding down the bed when experiencing twisting or jerking movements, a knee brake is applied, and a base sheet is attached to all four padded sides to reduce entrapment problems.

Profiling the head section can help provide a comfortable night’s sleep, as can the system’s electric height adjustment feature, which also permits safe access to the bed.

If you or someone you know could benefit from one of these beds, Kinderkey always offers a home visit from one of our product specialists. We will assess the user’s personal requirements to find the most suitable safe sleep solution.

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