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Beds for Parkinson’s

Sleeping problems can affect people at any stage of the condition, leaving them feeling drowsy during the day. This can be caused by the Parkinson’s itself, the medication and insomnia. The impact can often be felt by the carers, who may also feel tired during the day.

Movement problems also affect people with Parkinson’s, who sometimes need help to get in and out of bed. They may also have rigidity, making it difficult for them to turn over.

Our Stellan Complex Care bed can help people who are at risk of falling out of bed. With an extra-low height adjustment of 220mm from the bed frame to the floor, this reduces the risk of injury. Placing the bed against a wall enables full-height padding, while the part-side prevents the user from falling out of bed. Castors with brakes stop the bed from moving.

There are two versions of the Dali bed; the regular electric nursing bed and the low version. To prevent the risk of injury from falls and enabling easy access, the low-entry Dali has a height range of 220mm to 620mm and the regular has a range of 400mm to 800mm. It features the Kinderkey safe surround and a four-part profiling mattress base with Trendelenburg tilt.

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