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Beds for Cystic Fibrosis

People who have cystic fibrosis with significant airflow limitation are likely to experience impaired daytime function as a result of nocturnal hypoxaemia – a lack of oxygen in the blood – and the accompanying sleep disruption.

Studies have shown that people with cystic fibrosis who suffer sleep loss are likely to feel a lower level of happiness and a greater level of fatigue. They may also have impaired neurocognitive performance and frequent feelings of sleepiness during the day.

Assessed using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, which ranges from zero to 24, the higher the score the higher the level of daytime sleepiness. People with cystic fibrosis and obstructive sleep apnoea have an average score of 16, compared with a score of 5.9 for people who don’t have the condition.

We have several beds that can aid people who have cystic fibrosis, such as Bearsnoozzze. A safe sleeping solution with the features of a cot bed, it has soft yet sturdy safety sides and a four-part profiling mattress frame that provides excellent therapeutic support, thanks to its adjustable inclination.

Our comfortable and safe CosySafe Cot is an electronically operated, height-adjustable nursing bed suitable for adults and children. It offers Trendelenburg positioning and a profiling foam mattress.

The Dali electric nursing bed is a four-section, profiling, variable-height bed with electrically adjustable bed height and back and upper leg rests for extra comfort.

Cystic FibrosisBearsnoozzze BedCosySafe Cot

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