How Specialist Beds can Help Carers

The ways in which someone with special needs might “act” during the night – whether it’s climbing out of bed and exploring, jerking uncontrollably or slumping into a position that could potentially cause them injury – as a Carer, this can affect you in many ways; from how you help them get back into bed, to how well you yourself sleep during the night. Many people assume these situations are unavoidable, yet in many cases they could be better controlled or even overcome with our safe... more

Who Needs a Specialist Bed and Why?

So much of our life is spent sleeping; comfortable and safe sleeping arrangements are vital to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing.Unfortunately, many people with disabilities struggle to sleep soundly at night on beds that aren’t designed to cope with their particular needs and circumstances. Those that struggle to sleep might suffer with sleep apnea, anxiety, limb movement disorders or the general inability to drop off. Many also face the possibility of falling out of bed or... more

What is Autism and How Can You Help an Autistic Child?

Autism affects around 700,000 people in the UK – over 1 in 100 adults and children. More boys than girls are diagnosed as autistic, although the reason for this isn’t clear.Some researchers attribute it to the different genetic make-up of each gender, while others believe autism is easier to detect in boys due to their more obvious, symptomatic, disruptive behaviour; so it simply isn’t diagnosed as often in girls.  What is autism? Autism is a lifelong condition that affects... more

Choosing a Specialist Bed

From birth, one third of the average person’s lifetime is spent asleep. Sleep is a vital function, allowing the body time for muscle and tissue repair, growth, memory consolidation and hormone regulation. When we are well rested, our bodies and minds feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the challenges of the day. For those with disabilities and additional needs, the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overestimated – sadly, these people are more likely to suffer with a... more

Kinderkey – Our Care Beds

 Bearsnoozzze With all the features of a cot bed, Bearsnoozzze is a safe sleeping solution that can resolve a multitude of sleeping problems. Designed to promote safe sleeping for vulnerable adults and children, the Bearhugzzz SpaceSaver is available with windows made from mesh or vinyl – a bespoke bed which can be made to fit any space. more

Foldable Travel Cot

A choice of holiday can sometimes be limited because of insufficient facilities on location. Taking your own portable folding travel cot can give you peace of mind knowing a safe and comfortable nights sleep will be achieved.This robust folding special needs travel cot is easy to fold with its double scissor frame. It is fitted with blue epoxy coating and plastic feet. The semi-transparent sides can be unzipped on one side to provide easy access. The zips are situated at the under outside... more

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